Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The New Pornographers - "Crash Years"

I saw The New Pornographers last night, at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. The nine people band  was filled with amazing musicians. My favorite had to be,Kathryn Calder,who played the keyboard, piano,and also sandg. Her voice was beautiful and she just looks like such a sweet person. There was some serious drama on stage last night. Dan Bejar who played the vox, electric guitar, acoustic, piano, vibraphone, percussion, and also sings vocals kept leaving the concert. I don't know if he was drunk or sick or what but it was weird and extremely rude. I have to say when he would come back it mattered because the sound changed for the better. Also the famous,Neko Case,was upset about her microphone for the first five songs. I don't know what was wrong with the microphone, but I though she sounded great. Her voice is so powerful. Either way it was a good show and they made the best out of Dan leaving and coming back.

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