Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Am I mad? Afraid so....but all the best people are

Hi it's 5:03 am and I just haven't found the need to sleep yet. I stayed up to watch the Tim Burton verison of Alice in Wonderland for the second time. If any of you reading haven't seen it run don't walk to the video store, on demand, netflicks, red box, whatever and pick it up. Lewis Carrol is a genius. Drugs? No Drugs? I really don't care. When an author can say something by coming up with a story about something else. It's genius. Brillant. I adore and envy those writers. Vonnegut, Ionesco, and Pirandello are a few others that I have seen do this. I could be wrong but my interpretation of his story is to poke fun at reality, and how silly it really is. Why we do the things we do for no other reason other then to impress others. You could say fashion is just that. A reason to impress others. I never looked at it that way. Or maybe I did sometimes if were being honest, but at the end of the day I don't.
I think fashion to me is a way to express the person in you. What you wear says a lot about you.
I try very hard not to judge what others wear. Instead I smile because they love it.
Me? what do my clothes say?
well I'm messy its very hard for me to keep white clean...
I care about what I wear.
I care about where I buy it ( not labels anymore but instead where it's from)
Im girly but not in an obvious sense.
I love shoes
I like colors but lately I have been drawn towards black. Weird since it's the summer.
I like to stand out, but then hate when others stare at me.
I donno.
This post is random and weird. I guess watching a little alice I'm feeling confident to be me and nothing else plus I am probably delirious.

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  1. You are absolutely right to believe that our clothes are such a beautiful form of self-expression- what we put on says so much about how we view ourselves and it doesn't have to be out of vanity, but simply because we want to put our best selves out into the world, and that is part of trying to improve the world for others around us :)

    Also, you're not delirious- you're brilliant because you know your shit!

    I'm loving this blog everyday.