Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am believing in 6 Impossible things before my breakfast

1) All people will be good one day

2) I will live in Paris

3) I will own a pair of Alexzander MQueen's heels and they will be confortable

4)  I will become bilinguial

5) I will quit drinking coffee

6) I will sucessfully be able to speak infront of a crowd of people


  1. 1) NONE of these things are impossible.
    2) Coffee stains your teeth and causes bad breath
    3) I'll live in Paris with you
    4) ALL people are inherently good, they just do bad things
    5) You will probably design a pair of Jessica Murray heels that will be just as fabulous as McQueens
    6) You ARE bilingual...come stai?

  2. I love you Jillian
    I guess right now they seem impossible to me. I want to believe that some day they will be. With friends like believe in me. They can be.