Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My debate with Miss Rand

Does anyone ever feel like there is so much great information out there? So much you just want to know it all. Learn everything. art, music, movies, fashion, politics, whatever. I am spending most of my free time trying to learn anything I can. I watch CNN, I buy the newpaper, I read the New York times in my free time, I buy cds, and records ( if I can afford them) read books, go to concerts... study the simple things, and my favorite subject is people.

I am reading The Fountainhead right now. I have actually been reading it, off and on for about a year. I pick it up, put it back down, read something else then come back to it. It's a great story but I donno. Ayn Rand believes that some people are just better than others. They have specific talents that raise them to the top and will inevitably succeed.Maybe this is true. If it is I am definity not one of those people. I have a hard time with the common sense easy things others do with ease. Reading this I think about that. Am I destined to fail? If I had the chance to debate with Ayn I believe everyone has some special unique talent. That if they find it, and ultilize it then anyone can succed. If she asked me what mine was well I would tell her I have no idea thats why I am waitressing.

Either way The Fountainhead is a great story. I am really enjoying reading it.

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