Wednesday, August 11, 2010

North Carolina

My family is vacationing in the outer banks North Carolina. Yesterday I was sitting on the beach looking at all the seashells. Did you ever really look at seashells? Each one is unique and different. Beautiful in it's own way. I found myself comparing seashells to different people I know. 
The strange red one was me
The purple was Sam
The classy all white one was Jill
I could go on for days naming all my friends and family what shell they represent.
Another thing I love about the beach is buying the bottle of sunscreen with the coppertone girl on it. 
Drippy Sand Castles.
Reading while listening to the sound of the waves.
Anyways this is random but I collected a lot of sea shells so hopefully when I get home I figure out something to do with them. I will post a picture on my blog! I was thinking some sort of headband, or cute flip flops. 

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