Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dawn Landes: Dance Area - Club Passim (Cambridge, MA) - 1.19.2010

I saw Dawn Landes a couple months ago as an opener for another band. I thought they were really great so I picked up their album. On my way out the door for today I grabbed their album, It had been awhile since I listened to it. Anyways, I had a really shitty night waitressing. Not something so out of the ordinary.... people just being people. Which unfortunately means it was another night of me questioning the human race. Forcing me to be harder and less naive as a person. When I just wish I could be me, happy and trusting of other people. Anyways long story short I was driving home, still shaking from my confrontation, and this song came on. It was a pretty monumental moment for me so I felt the need to share. Enjoy. It's a sweet song, and aided me to realize.... well I can still be me.

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